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The Texas Panhandle First Responders Memorial will provide a centralized place to commemorate fallen heroes from across the region, a list that currently includes more than 100 law enforcement officers, firefighters, ems personnel, and emergency transport members. The Memorial will be located in downtown Amarillo at 11th and Polk.

Dear Friends,

As leaders in the first responder family, we are ever mindful of the dangers of the work our brothers and sisters perform every day.


No doubt, you have heard some of the harrowing stories or seen heart-stopping photos of our region’s first responders jumping into action during the recent wildfires that scorched many of our Panhandle communities. Dedicated firefighters, law enforcement, and EMS personnel answered the call in full force when the largest wildfire in Texas history began consuming homes, land, and cattle throughout the Texas Panhandle.


This devastating event is a stark reminder of how critically important it is to ensure our first responders are truly honored for their unwavering courage to run toward danger and for their valiant bravery to face what’s on the other side. Just as importantly, when a first responder gives their life in pursuit of protecting others, we must ensure their legacy of service is honored throughout time.


Despite the support our first responder community enjoys from the Texas Panhandle area, there is no memorial in existence that pays tribute to the more than 100 first responders who have sacrificed their lives in service. That’s why we have joined forces with the Texas non-profit organization Friends of AJ Swope to create such a place to recognize these fallen heroes.


The Texas Panhandle First Responders Memorial will be located on a beautiful, peaceful site in downtown Amarillo at 11th and Polk. The Memorial’s design will provide a respectful, serene, and publicly accessible place to honor every first responder who has died in the line of duty within the top 26 Panhandle Counties since 1882.


The estimated cost to build the Memorial is $1.5 million. To date, we have raised nearly $600,000 from generous individuals and companies across the region.


We, as individual leaders, and our agencies wholeheartedly support the Memorial and are dedicated to helping ensure its success. We hope you will join us in making this worth-while community project a reality by considering a meaningful donation. 


If you would like additional information, we would appreciate the opportunity to visit with you about who will be honored, where the Memorial will be located, and how you will be honored for your support.


As always, thank you for supporting our first responders and thank you for your consideration.




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